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Dispatch has reported that Baekhyun and SNSD’s Taeyeon have been dating for 4 months now! (source)
2/12 Reasons why EXO loves Kris: KrisHan

↖This person supports Kris’s decision in leaving SM Entertainment to better his health and happiness. This person does not buy into the bullshit so-called “fans” and anti-fans are are spreading about him. This person does not believe in the “The Beginning Starts Now” because this person knows the beginning started two years ago. This person does not appreciate how other fandoms are responding to this event. This person believes that everything will get better with time. This person is hoping for the best OF ALL EXO MEMBERS, REGARDLESS if they are active members or not.

A Real Wu Yifan, This Is Whom I Fall in Love with


* This article was written in June 2012 by 天天被Kris秒杀(now is 天天被吴亦凡秒杀), maybe you guys have read it before. I got a lot of thoughts when I read it again, just share it with you.


Preface: When you truly fall in love with an idol, you will find it is just…


what is an Oh Sehun?

kim jongin literally melting your heart (╥﹏╥)

140604 Wu Yi Fan weibo update:

he RTed Guo Jingming’s post and followed back

*Guo Jingming is the author of Tiny Times, and Wu Yi Fan was actually considered for a role in Tiny Times 3 but SM declined

cr: wu_yi_fan /twitter

abc of  my biases : kris because everyone loves his “Cold guy” image.

  Same here girl… same here ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)